Generously contributed by Ted & Sandy Gray.  There is a special place in heaven for people like them!

Moved to Northern California:
      1 Blen Mom - with bad rear leg -- placed
      1 Tri puppy -- placed
      1 Blen male puppy - medium open fontanel -- placed

      1 Blen Mom -- placed
      1 Ruby puppy with white markings -- placed
      1 Ruby puppy - PDA operation on Aug. 4 and will be placed next weekend
      1 Blen male puppy - small open fontanel -- placed
      1 Ruby adult male - Grade 4 shipping patella, operated on and placed
      1 Blen adult male - older, approx. 4 to 5 years -- placed
      1 Tri female from Humane Society - multiple problems -- placed
Picked up by Cheryl Abbott on July 27 - not chosen in the lottery:
      1 Blen adult male -  very shy --will go as a pair with the B&T
      1 Ruby adult male -- placed
      1 B&T adult male -- protector of the above Blen.

      1 Tri puppy - drawn in Doggie Lottery -- placed

      Total English Toys moved to Northern Calif.::  14

The following are the English Toys taken out of the Medical Ward on July 10 & 13 and placed in Southern Calif.:

      1 Ruby Male - eye problems -- placed
      1 B&T Female - skin, eye problems, bad rear -- placed
      1 Tri Female - eye problems -- placed
      1 Tri Female - Very Small & questionable patella's -- placed
      1 Tri Female - skin & eye problems -- placed
      1 Tri Female - small & eye problems -- placed
      1 Ruby Male - shy & eye problems -- placed
      1 Ruby Female - Left eye bulging, skin problems and bad hips (Our Gracie) -- Placed
      1 Blen Male - PDA operation July 29 -- placed
      1 Blen Male - Back surgery -- placed

      1 B&T male approx. 1 year was returned to AC from the lottery.  Ted & I picked him up on Aug. 4th and have named him Sammy.  He had been terrorized by the other dog in the house.  He is staying with us. -- Placed

      Total English Toys in Southern Calif.:  11

      Grand Total of English Toys taken into ET Rescue:  25

This could not have happened without the total support of Ted, him being by my side every minute of every day and working shoulder to shoulder to get the dogs washed, placed, and Johnny's operation at county prices. Gail Reiter, who was willing to do anything for the dogs and their welfare, including washing, grooming, making hotel reservations, supporting me by phone and opening her wallet for that need patella operation. She took a ruby male.  Liz Colton, who drove hours to wash and groom on two days, and supported me by phone.  She took 2 dogs.  Pat Wells, who took 3 dogs, which included the tiniest out of the Medical Ward.  Cheryl Abbott, who offered all the support of the Camino Real Club, drove from San Francisco, headed the rehoming of the dogs moved north and is fostering some.  BJ Miller, who gave his support by phone, and talked to the National Club.  Tom O'Neal and Jamie Ward, who sent a large portion of the National's Rescue Fund, when we asked for it.  Janelle Smedley and Christina Van Patten, who make a two page information sheet on English Toys which was given to all adoptive families. Special thanks to all, who opened their checkbooks and sent money. It is because of you that 4 English Toys are alive today and will live a long pain-free life.  Blessings on everyone, who took one or more of our guys into your homes, to live safe and happy lives as God intended.