For starters, let me just state for the record that it takes solid evidence before one ends up here.  This is a combination of people who sell dogs at auction and those who provide poor conditions for dogs and have been brought up on charges.  This ONLY includes those who are currently breeders of English Toy Spaniels (King Charles Spaniels).  If someone has a problem with their name appearing here...then don't commit the act...whoops...TOO LATE!

PLEASE investigate the breeder you plan to purchase from thoroughly.  MANY people make false claims about their intentions in the breed and the care they provide.  These people talk up a good game, but please don't be drawn in.

Michael Garritson 

(mother Marj co-owned and co-bred dogs with him)--both in Southern California

Tammie & Will Gannon 

(Dixie Acres in Georgia)

Mark Landers 

(Promises Kept Kennel/aka LTO Farms in Missouri)

Tommie Logan 


...there are also breeders in Florida who have sent dogs to auction...



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